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Property Management
By choosing C.A.P Management, you ensure that your investment is being managed by a company who has management as the primary focus of our business. Our goal is to make commercial property ownership stress free for our clients. We provide an ideal experience for owners and tenants of commercial real estate by offering our clients with great customer service, constant communication and online access to their account.

Regular maintenance checks, tenant liaison, checklist reviews, and advance planning are essential for meeting your budget projections and long term goals. C.A.P Management is committed to helping you achieve them.
We serve:
  • Shopping Center
  • Retail Strip
  • Office Building
  • Multifamily & Apartment Building
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Parking Lot
  • Storage
  • Land

We understand that different properties need different approaches to property management so our team is flexible and innovative. At C.A.P Management, we focus on our client-specific needs. By applying the proven fundamentals of property management, clients’ expectations are met, properties are leveraged to best advantage and most concerns are addressed before they become problems.
The real challenge of asset and property management is the ability to assess the opportunity and create a solution while keeping the owner/tenant relationship in balance and achieving financial returns for the owner. Through our timely financial and operating performance reports, C.A.P Management is better able to develop revenue-producing, cost-saving strategies that enhance property value.

Management Services


  • Property Inspection – Periodic inspection of exterior and common areas, and interior during Move In/Out
  • Property Maintenance – Make sure the properties are well maintained and we act fast on any maintenance issues. Develop economical preventive maintenance programs to keep your asset value high while spending little. Supervise suppliers, handymen and contractors for each job performed
  • 7 Days a Week Emergency Response – Our team will be available if an emergency occurs in a property, which is not to be handle by the local emergency authorities
  • Repairs Supervision – Supervision of all independent contractors, handymen and personnel.


  • Constant Communication with Tenants and Owners – Prompt responses to questions or inquiries. Satisfied tenants build long term relationships for our owners. Our owners are constantly aware of the operation of their property. Available by phone, email, fax, mail or personal appointments, our team is always ready to assist you
  • Rent Collection – All rents are due on the first and we give 5 business days to receive it. We offer many different ways of rent payment for tenant satisfaction
  • Tenant Relations – Attentive to tenants’ needs and respond to their concerns immediately. Tenants can post maintenance request online when needed after logging into their accounts.
  • C.A.M Reconciliation & Billing – Periodical C.A.M (Common Area Maintenance) charges reconciliation, when applicable, and billing.
  • Bill Payments – Make sure that monthly payments are correct and made on tine. Insurance, Utilities, Maintenance, etc
  • Record Keeping – Keep accurate and timely records on all aspects of the management of your property. We maintain records that reflect all rental income and expenditures incurred in connection with our management of the property
  • Marketing & Leasing – Provide an analysis of market rents and those of the competition, changes in area demographics and anticipated absorption levels. Develop and implement strong marketing programs that improve the image of your property and ensure successful leasing
  • Lease Negotiation – New tenant and renewal negotiation on behalf of owner. Tenant retention being our priority
  • Tenant Screening – Prospective tenants and businesses will be screened thoroughly to make sure they are financially stable and do not have criminal records before moving in your property 
  • Eviction – When needed, we will engage and manage the entire eviction process
  • Processing of Insurance Claims – Manage the entire process of claiming issues as soon as the arise
  • Documented Procedures – Ensure compliance with all federal state, county and local governmental statutes as well as administrative regulations, ordinances, and fire, health and safety codes
  • Property Tax Review & Coordination of Tax Appeals or Cost Segregation – Working with business professionals to make you save the maximum on your investment


  • Management & Financial Planning – Analyze the business environment and your property within that environment, set out a marketing and management strategy and recommend how your objectives can best be fulfilled
  • Financial Reporting – Computerized monthly statement from our property management software sent to you by mail or email and also available online. Detail of income & expenses for the period
  • Monthly Reports – Tailored to the client’s requirements using our management software: General Ledger, Updated Rent Roll, Income Statement & Other customized reports required by owner
  • Monthly Disbursements – Mail or Deposit directly on your account your monthly distribution check
  • Year End Summary of Income & Expenses – Comprehensive summary of the year financial operations for easy accounting & tax returns

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